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About Massage Therapy:

Each massage therapy treatment is based on an individual assessment; which takes into account your health history, presenting problem, mobility, current condition(s) and your goals for the treatmen​t.​

Registered massage therapy is a safe, effective, drug-free treatment for soft tissue injuries, chronic conditions and health management. A registered massage treatment session consists of various modes of hands-on treatment following a health history interview and thorough assessment; at the end of the treatment session, the patient is instructed for continued self-care; which can include, but is not limited to, exercise/stretching routines, lifestyle/posture modifications and hydrotherapy applications.

***Massage Therapy by a registered therapist is practiced under the codes of the Health Care Act of the Province of British Columbia. Partial treatment costs are covered under the provincial health services plan for those with Premium Assistance status. 

***Many extended health plans have registered massage treatments included in their coverage (check with your extended health care provider for the details of your plan).

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