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"I have been seeing Lisa Choptiany for massage therapy over the past three years. Lisa has a unique ability to find, work and help repair an injured or sore area. She knows the body so well and can work related areas to an injury that just seems to fix things. Sometimes life gets busy and time goes by without visiting for a while; When I get back to her for a massage, I always come out asking myself "Why did I wait so long for something that great?" Whether for a relaxing massage or help repairing a sore or injured area, Lisa is the one to see!"

- Kelly O.

 "I have been a patient of Lisa Choptiany's for almost eight years, and a client of massage therapy for well over 20 years. Lisa is by far the most skilled massage practitioner I have encountered. Through her depth of understanding of the human body, tenacity and talent she has been able to solve whatever "challenge" I have brought to her. She takes the time to educate me on the "why" and what I can do to help myself to avoid future pain or discomfort. I have advised many friends and family that if they are seeking relief from any ailment (particularly if what they have done to date hasn't helped) Lisa is the one to see....because if it can be corrected with massage therapy she will be successful in helping them. Lisa is amazing at what she does."

- Lisa A.  

"I have been to many RMTs and Lisa is the best. She helped me through a very challenging transitional time in my life. On a physical level my aches and pains were alleviated, on an emotional level I felt calmed. I became more in touch with my inner strength and resolve. I experienced great joy during my sessions with her, even though I was going through a tough time.

Lisa is very knowledgeable and has such a gifted touch…I can't recommend her highly enough."

- Gaëtanne L.

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